Services Offered

Nurse Casey Blessings LLC

Nurse Casey’s Blessings, LLC provides private duty medical nursing care, medication management, case management, post-surgical care, palliative/hospice care, respite care, all in the comfort of your home or wherever you may be staying.  We can design a care plan to fit your specific personal needs. 

Chronic Disease Management

Nurse Casey’s Blessings, LLC understands that seniors and their families want them to remain as safe and independent as possible while still living in the comfort of their own home, but sometimes they need a desire to have someone assist them in understanding their medical team plan of care. Do you or your loved one need assistance navigating the health care system? Need someone with a medical background to advocate and assist with telemedicine, ZOOM, and other medical appointments? We are here to support you and take the stress and worry away.

High-Elevation Health Care Management

Need your nursing care to continue when you come to visit us at 7000’ whether it’s for a day or a week?  Call ahead of time before you venture up to Flagstaff, and we can set up your nursing/medical needs and be ready when you arrive.  Please be mindful of our high elevation with any medical conditions, and be sure to let your primary care physician know you are planning a visit here so that you do not wind up in our hospital due to lack of planning. 

Companionship & Support

Your loved one may need additional support in addition to their in-home nursing care.  Nurse Casey can help provide resources and guide you in selecting the proper additional in-home care.  We want our seniors to thrive and many of them desire to remain in their own homes.  Let us help you honor their wishes and keep them safe and well cared for.